Frequently Asked Questions

See below for answers to our most common questions.

What is AdStrux?

AdStrux is enabling great accessibility and affordability to brands to embark on Out Of Home (OOH) advertising journey and measuring attribution to their campaigns under one platform. 

Is the billboard only focus on urban areas only?

Not necessarily. You have the opportunity to choose location nationwide with our help. However, urban areas become main option for OOH in order to get wide exposure to the brands.

What is the minimum cost for billboard installation

Costs are depend on location, size of the billboard and duration of contract. A better price is available for longer duration and multi-unit contracts.

How to find out if the advertisement site is available?

It’s a simple process. Contact us via phone or email and let us know which advertisement site you are interested in and the dates you require it for. We will check our availability system and get back to you promptly. Planning ahead is important as some of our most popular advertisement sites can be booked months in advance.

Does outdoor advertising work?

Our pride to be the most data-driven to buy outdoor advertising. AdStrux works together with clients to track track geo-located awareness and attribution lift, track location-based mobile ads. We integrate with Google Analytics to show impact from offline to online of  outdoor campaign.

How expensive is outdoor advertising?

The prices that AdStrux offer are based on a number of factors like geography, impressions, size of ad and visibility. 

Who handles production and installation when I book locations through AdStrux?

AdStrux works with media vendors to make sure your creative is printed and displayed on time. If you prefer to handle your own printing, you can do so.

How can AdStrux help me measure my outdoor advertising campaign?

Each campaign has its own uniqueness and goals. As the best solution, we create custom measurement solutions based on goals clients. Among the tools are Google Analytics script insertion, Google AdWords measurement, user generated content aggregation, online image recognition, among others.

Does AdStrux own billboards?

AdStrux’s platform makes buying outdoor ads easier to buy and more quantifiable than before. We don’t own any media locations. 

I’m a media owner - how can I work with AdStrux?

We are excited to work with you. Just click here

Can I buy only one advertisement?

Sure, you can. The other choice, invest enough to return more.

How long does it take to install a billboard?

Once your artwork is approved, you can expect your billboard to installed roughly 3 until 4 weeks.

If there is any damage to my advertisement, who will be responsible to?

If there is any damage or accident to the billboard due to disaster or negligence, we shall be solely responsible.